About Our Products

Our range of products is inclusive of superior quality and varied rugs that are natural and synthetic in nature; which makes the A&D as well as end users effortlessly select the product as per their requirements.

1. Jute/Sisal/Hemp/Sea grass Rugs

Beautify your floors by application of Jute rugs that are smooth and have more textured surfaces. Sisal rugs are coarse in nature whichmakes them more long-lasting. The straight fibers present in the Sisal rugs make the cleaning process a cakewalk for the user. Hemp is chunkier in texture i.e. similar to Jute. Hemp rugs can be pretty coarse at first, but they get softened with the passage of time. Sea grass is harvested either from the Sea or near Sea. Sea grass rugs are best suitable for high-traffic areas, porches, and entryways.

2. Cotton Rugs

Cotton fibers are soft, yet strong; hence, they hold dyes effectively. Simple and elegant designs with numerous intricate patterns make the buyer or A&D easier to merge with every interior or exterior spacing; depending upon the design or makeover planned either by A&D or any customer itself.

3. Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are hand-woven and made from natural fibers that help in retaining a synthetic look. Over the centuries, woolen rugs have carved a niche for themselves as it has been considered a classic material, giving the majestic look to the bedrooms, commercial spaces, homes, hotels, and habitation centers. These wool rugs are extremely resilient, soft, and stain-resistant.

4. Viscose/ Bamboo Silk/ Tencel Silk Rugs

Viscose rugs are made from wood cellulose. Bamboo silk rugs are made from the blend of viscose/ or fiber removed from bamboo stalks. Bamboo silk rugs are a perfectly sustainable and renewable alternative to pure silk. Tencel silk rugs are lustrous art silk that is artistically hand-knotted in a simple yet elegant pattern. The look, feel and vibe of these rugs represent the breathtaking ambiance.

5. Pure Silk Rugs

Pure Silk rugs are more lustrous, soft, and supple. Silk is considered the finest material for a rug; paradigmatically associated with nobility. These rugs are recommended to be used inlow-traffic areas to make the rugs appear and feel elite and dignified.

6. Polypropylene / P.E.T Rugs

Polypropylene rugs are a synthetic material made from remodeled plastic bottles, making them environment-friendly. If you have little cute paws at home, then give your pets a non-toxic and perfectly safe environment by installing PET rugs, so that they can play and roam around healthily and your home or office space can also be aesthetic in terms of design and neatness. These rugs are an excellent choice for outdoor use as well.

7. Leather Rugs

Leather Rugs are soft and lumpy as they are made of recycled scraps. Leather rugs give a Bohemian look to a space wherever you are planning to utilize it. These rugs are mostly used in areas that are not much accessible such as dens or offices, bedrooms, and moderately-traveled living rooms, taking into consideration the nature of leather material. These rugs are mostly preferred in humid and damp climates.

8. Linen Rugs

Linen is a fiber that is obtained from flax plants. The Linen rugs are sturdy and great for less-traveled areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, or guest rooms.

Customization is our forte

In today’s market scenario, the Indian artistry has lost its charm; hence, MKR decided to revive and protect the fading handicraft industry by holding the hands of the artisans involved in the handicrafts profession. Our brand has a miscellaneous range of technology-based products such as Hand-Knotted Rugs, Hand-Tufted Area Rugs, and Wall to Wall-Carpets, Handloom Rugs, Hand-woven, Shag Rugs, Dhurries, Kilims, Hand-woven Pillows, Hand-woven Jute Bags, and Custom-made Kilims Furniture.

Customization is our forte’. Our team of artisans hails from traditional and nouvelle backgrounds, yet they make sure that their work portrays the blended aspect of modesty in the designing of carpets or rugs so that it blends with different tastes and styles effortlessly. The bespoke carpets and rug collections are available at Mirzapur Kaleen & Rugs that can cater to your designing needs. We are one of the best brands in the field of handmade carpet industry.