Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs


Indian Carpet Industry

The term “Carpet” is conversely used with “Rug”. Carpet weaving was brought to India by the greatest Mughal emperor Jalal-ud-din-Muhammad-Akbar in the 16th Century. Nowadays, the carpet industry of India has the potential to contribute extensively to the economic development of the country.

Mirzapur Carpet Industry

Mirzapur is well-known for being the biggest producer of handmade carpets and rugs in Uttar Pradesh. Mirzapur Carpet industry shares its roots in ancient Persia. Mirzapur carpet industry has garnered sincere appreciation from buyers and design fanatics worldwide. This Antiquated industry enhances look of the floors or floor coverings by giving them a Vintage finishing touch.

Mirzapur Kaleen & Rugs

Mirzapur Kaleen & Rugs is the brainchild of 6 renowned, experienced, and well-known personalities in the Carpets and Rugs Market. It has been established with an idea to put an end to a misconception regarding the carpets; i.e., people believe that carpets are an exclusive commodity meant only for the upper class. Our vision is to reach every household through our offline and online stores in PAN India. MKR is adding a touch of exclusivity and opulence at an unimaginable and affordable price.

Know Our Directors

The board of Directors are key personnel and professionals with more than two or three decades in the Carpets, Real Estate, Architectural, Decorative, Educational domains.

Mr Vikram Jain
Mr Vikram Jain

Mr. Jain is the leading name in the exporter of Carpets for 32 yrs; stepping into the carpets industry as a young child of 16 years, he has come a long way and gained a lot of experience as well as accolades from the fraternity. While pursuing graduation, he came up with certain ideas to boost his company’s growth and has eventually brought laurels to his brand. His conciliatory and courteous attitude makes him a cherished personality amongst the poor artisans; as he loves to connect with them and provide for their welfare. He is director at Vikram Carpets, Vikas Enterprises, Artline Enterprises, Artline Creation, PDP Builders and the backbone of Mirzapur Kaleen & Rugs.

Mr Anurag Tripathi
Mr Anurag Tripathi

Mr Anurag Tripathi is an experienced professional with BSC. (Bio) Diploma in Computer Applications. Preserving the Directorial Chair at PDP Builders Pvt. Ltd., Aniraa Infra Developers Pvt. Ltd., Mirzapur Kaleen & Rugs and Phoenix Lightning Solutions. He is also an eminent Member of Zonal Advisory Board at Sahara India Pariwar. His aim is to make people understand that Carpets are no longer a luxurious product, it can be used by any person irrespective of his economic or social status quo.

Mr Paritosh Bajaj
Mr Paritosh Bajaj

A Visionary businessman with excellent educational qualifications- B.com, LLB, DBA, PGDELP which makes him a perfect blend of Scholar & an exceptional entrepreneur. He obtained an honorable chair- Governor of Rotary Club Distt. 3120 for the year 2024-25. He is the secretary of the prestigious Seth Dwarka Prasad Bajaj Educational Society; having three branches at Mirzapur, affiliated with CISCE, New Delhi. He is also a well-known name in the Real Estate sphere, holding a Director’s position at PDP Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Er Sanja Katare
ER. Sanjay Katare

Studied BTECH Civil & Civil Diploma. He, amongst his beloved friends, is one of the reputed Directors at PDP Builders Pvt. Ltd. and the chairperson at Katare Architect & Civil Engineer.
Having a notable experience in the architectural industry for years, Er. Sanjay Katare is an appropriate guide and adviser that Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs is proud to have. The carpet industry has evolved over the years and is in a much-developed state. The change has been widely accepted by consumers. The selection process of carpets sometimes becomes a lengthy affair, and this time frame can be cut-short by having an expert on board with us; who will guide us about the right and good quality carpets and rugs that are environmentally friendly.

Ca Shailender Katare
C.A. Shailendra Katare

Shailendra Katare, C.A. has been in professional practice for over 30 years. He advises various industrial groups, and families and also serves as a director of various companies. Ideas written on a whiteboard are nothing but a vague presentation until and unless put across with financial planning; and for that financial planning, you do require an expert by your side. Mirzapur Kaleen is pleased to have C. A. Shailendra Katare on board to assist and lead the money plan ahead. Chartered Accountants are integral at this point because a sharply structured budget is the only thing that stands between the company and unnecessary cash bleed.

Mr Shaksham Agarwal
Mr Shaksham Agarwal

Mr. Shaksham has pursued Msc. International Management and is an Alumnus of a prestigious college, Royal Holloway University in London. With vast experience and immense exposure to the International market, he ventured into the field of Hospitality; currently running- The Hotel Solitaire located in Lucknow. Besides this, he also holds the Directorial position at Vindhyavasni Mining & Granites Ltd.